Vasectomy Guidelines and Manuals

Vasectomy Guidelines

click here to read the vasectomy guidelines from the AUA (American Urologic Association).

Vasectomy Manuals

There are several excellent manuals for learning better procedures.

For learners, we know of a few excellent texts – one by Engender Health, one by Chic Wilson, and one by a team from the Mexican government.

Click on the links below to read these texts.

No-Scalpel Vasectomy: An Illustrated Guide by Engender Health

A Self-Study Guide for the Family Physician Interested in No-Scalpel Vasectomy by Charles Wilson

Manual Técnico de Vasectomía Sin Bisturí by the Centro Nacional de Equidad de Género y Salud Reproductiva

Program Guides

How to Create Successful Vasectomy Programs. This brief by FHI360 gives a good introduction to establishing a lasting vasectomy program.

Training Checklists

This document, by the Associations of Surgeons in Primary Care, is a collection of worksheets, checklists and logs to use during a vasectomy training program.