Weissman Model

This terrific model was invented by Dr. Wayne Weissman.

He writes about the history of the model: “I created and designed my first model in 1992 in preparation for my work in Ruhengeri, Rwanda. This was under the auspices of AVSC. I then made minor modifications to the model transitioning from a leather “skin” to a woven fabric (wool sock) and internally added the condom surrounding the “vas and testes” to simulate the fascia. As a consultant for JHPIEGO in 1995, I used my upgraded model while leading a pilot training course at the University of Nairobi.”

As for the components, for the vasa he uses either a #12F or #14F red rubber catheter, and he secures these to soft rubber balls to simulate the testes. For the fascia, he covers each “vas” with a lubricated condom. This gives more bulk to the faux spermatic cord and allows the “vas” to slip around more naturally. For the scrotal skin, he uses a wool sock “The tighter the knit of the wool sock, the better.” For stability while training, the model is attached to a clipboard.

Dr. Weissman kindly provided the following photos:

Components of the Weissman model
Weissman model draped
three-finger grasp with Weissman model
anesthesia with Weissman model
securing the vas with Weissman model
training in Uganda with Weissman model